Top 5 Places to Rock Climb in Southeast Asia

Headed to Southeast Asia to beat the winter temps?  We have arranged the top 5 places that you can’t miss.  Whatever type of warm weather climbing you’re looking for we got you covered.  Enjoy your climbing vacation.  You’re about to go the some of the best international climbing destinations.

1. Tonsai/Railay, Krabi, Thailand

Many people call this paradise, and for good reason.  This area boasts the most routes in SE Asia.  You can get cheap massages, $3 dollar meals and $2 mango shakes on rest days. Tonsai is also known as playground for adults”.  Use your judgment if you partake.  Railay is a bit more upscale, has electricity 24/7 and nicer rooms.  Get some insurance to cover your climbing. For chilling go to Phra Nang beach or Railay West, do not swim at Tonsai beach as it’s a little dirty.  For the ultimate adventure take a Deep Water Solo tour.   Go with Hot Rock, and they’ll take you on a yacht.  Gear rental and climbing instruction is readily available.

Tonsai, Birthplace of Deep Water Solo, Southeast Asia

Tonsai, Birthplace of Deep Water Solo, Southeast Asia

2.  Thakhek, Laos

This hidden gem will soon be #1.  Set away from the sleepy town of Thakhek, this underused climbing area should be your stop before it gets too polished.  Plenty of climbing for all levels.  You can stay at the the Green Climbers Home, they oversee the climbing area.  It gets full quickly, book early.  Alternatively, you can stay in town’s many guesthouses, grab a Lao BBQ for dinner $8 for 2 people.  Rent a scooter to get to the climbing and the plenty of awesome sights in the area on rest days. Do not give your passport as a deposit, as you may need it in an emergency, negotiate a financial deposit instead.

Wild Climbing in Thakhek, Southeast Asia

Wild Climbing in Thakhek, Southeast Asia

3.  Crazy Horse, Chiang Mai Thailand

This is the chillest climbing scene in Southeast Asia! Located 40km outside Chiang Mai.  In the this best part of Thailand you will find the cheapest food and lodging. Beginning Rock climber? No problem, Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Association (CMRCA) has US trained guides.  Pushing your limits?  Crazy Horse has the safest standards in all of Asia!  Stay in Chiang Mai and take the daily bus to the crag.  If you want to experience want to surround yourself in a cool bamboo forest, stay in La Bhu Salah in Mae On.  Rent a motor bike so you can go to the Hot Springs on your rest days!

Chillest climbing in Southeast Asia, Crazy Horse

Chillest climbing in Southeast Asia, Crazy Horse

4.  Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The birthplace of Thai Climbing is surrounded by Andean Sea is also . Some of the longest multipitch climbs are located here, most holds are massive jugs.  At night pick your place to among the best party scene around. There is a wide range of accommodation: quiet, loud, cheap, high roller-it’s all available! Although devastated from the Tsunami this place is completely rebuilt and bumpin’. Don’t forget the sunset hike.  Gear rental and guide hiring is available.

Sunset over Kho Phi Phi climbing and beaches in Southeast Asia

Sunset over Kho Phi Phi climbing and beaches in Southeast Asia

5.  Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Want inland and seaside climbing?  Then go to North Vietnam for the best of both worlds.  Stay on Cat Ba Island and rent a motorbike for some of the most pristine climbing in Southeast Asia.  Beginners and experts will stay busy for days.  Want to explore some phenomenal seaside climbing join a guided tour or hire your own boat to Halong Bay send some of the sweetest limestone in the world.  During rest days going hiking in National Park, close to a 1000 species of plants.

Climbing in Halong Bay, Seaside in Southeast Asia

Climbing in Halong Bay, Seaside in Southeast Asia

Thanks for reading our post.  Please rate your favorite place in the comments section!

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